LAist is looking to expand and deepen our coverage of Los Angeles, and we're paying. 

We want original, compelling, heartbreaking, funny, enraging, enlightening work, written clearly and with an eye towards stories that cut through the dull hum of the internet—stories that help the reader better understand Los Angeles and the people living in it. It should not have been published anywhere else in print or online.

A well-sourced, 1,500-word indictment of governmental incompetence is just as welcome as a 500-word profile of the rat-slaying landlord who listens to Van Halen while on the hunt. We want the gems buried at the bottom of Kafka-esque municipal board meetings and the life-affirming acts of kindness often obscured by the relentless crush of humanity; the joys of working for a dog-walking marijuana delivery service or the hazards of donning a SpongeBob SquarePants costume on Hollywood Boulevard. 

You should be as excited writing or pitching your story as we are reading it.  The only thing we don't want is fiction. Pay depends on experience, quality, and length.

NB.  In general, "personal narratives" aren't a good fit for us, unless they're very unusual or noteworthy.  So meditations on your experiences as a recently arrived Angeleno or on a specific neighborhood that you moved to probably won't work, unless there's a newsworthy hook and/or peg.  Reported facts ("journalism") often improve submissions, and help distinguish them from personal narratives.  

NB.  We give every submission serious attention, but due to a large volume of responses, it may take several days for us to get back to you.  If you don't hear from us after a few weeks, assume the piece wasn't a good fit for us (but we think you are great and hope you'll submit again!) 

NB.  Here's a short list of types of articles we tend to like: explainers that reveal how some aspect of the city works, compelling features on unexplored corners of the city, well-reported pieces that expose injustice or corruption.

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